Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gorgeous New Fabrics

I am so looking forward to turning these beautiful fabrics in to cosy cottage laundry bags.  Such a great way to keep your home neat, clean and most of all . . . Stylish!

In store soon . . .

keep your eye out xx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Flowers, cakes and a loving light

What an industrious day it has been.  From the time I woke this morning I have been moving from one project to another. I love it!  It's stimulates my mind and keeps me busy.  Although I did have a fair idea today was going to be a combination of baking in preparation for back to school and creating something new and fun to add to my products.  Don't you love it when you get to the end of the day and you feel like you have really accomplished something, and . . . know that it will be appreciated come the lunch time bell.  I have stacked my freezer full of tasty treats like iced cinnamon scrolls, choc chip muffins, honey and oat slice (drizzled with chocolate of course) and yummy pizza sausage pastries . . . which are REALLY good!  Well, I had to sample them ;)

and this was only a few

By the time I was done with all these my back was telling me it was tired and needed to sit.  Which was fine by me as that meant I could get on with some crafting.  Woohoo!! Lately, I have been playing around with felt and making some flowers.  I like to keep it simple and believe there is a real beauty in that.

I put this one together this afternoon and have a few more lined up.  I think they would look so sweet on my bags and products.  For those who are unfamiliar with my products, you can see them by clicking 'Shop' in my side bar.

what do you think of that?

I also tend to get a little bit distracted if my laptop is nearby, but i'm so glad I did today.  As I was browsing my facebook page I came across an update from 'Lovely Living'.  She wrote about a terrible loss in the blogging world.  I was so saddened to read about one woman's heartache and thinking about the challenge that lay ahead of her. Visiting this link will give you her story http://www.facebook.com/lovelyliving.australia and I think we can all find it in our hearts to help a little and donate something (even if small), which you can do here to help Lisa and her kids get through this.

Band together bloggers . . . so far everyone has done an amazing job and hit over $3000.  Lets help this lady and her kids and show her the world does cares.

Shine your light xox

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

I must say that I enjoyed my Australia day! How was yours? In all honesty it didn't consist of a bbq, John Williamson or the beach but, I did it my way.  YES!  I spent the whole day sewing . . . yay me :)  Its been a while since i've had the opportunity spend an entire day working on and finishing a project.  But I did! and it feels fantastic.  Most of the time when I want a whole day sewing other little jobs seem to crop up and before I know it the machine hasnt seen the light of day.  So last night, I sat myself at my desk and wrote out some goals for today.  I didnt get to making some more felt flowers . . . . but I got my 'Wash Me' bag done.  Hooray!  After making one for my daughter to hang in her room, I decided to make one for myself.  It's important to spoil yourself too!!!

Isn't this fabric beautiful.  It actually makes me think of the lavander fields of France.  A place that I would just love to visit and will.  So through my love of Lavendar . . . and France, I have brought the fields to me.  I would actually like to make more of these bags, I think they are a great idea and really quite charming.  And, another good product for my store, what you think?

And in honour of Australia Day I put together a bit of a collage of 'My Australia Day' . . . 

I'd love to hear about yours x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder . . .

Sometimes I just like to look at pretty things, it kind of cleanses my mind. So, off topic, I've put together a collection of delightful things to whisk you away. Some are amazing, some unique and some truely incredible.  I love these piccies . . . . they make me feel nice . . . I hope they do for you too.

simple beautiful things . . .


enjoy . . . and goodnight x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

To the Market . . . to the market . . .

Woohoo . . . . my book finally arrived. This week after reading one of my favourite blogs Gussy Sews I took her advice and got myself a new wealth of Knowledge.  I invested!!!! . . . in a book called The Handmade Market Place - how to sell your crafts locally, globally and online.  I am not even halfway through and already learning so much about branding, pricing, knowing and marketing your product.  I definately recommend it for those already in business and especially those starting out like me.

I also decided to indulge in a fun project over the last week.  My inspiration comes from my daughters bedroom floor would you believe.  Well . . . . those mothers out there that are constantly cleaning up after their little treasures (aren't we all)  will understand. So, my joyous task was to put together a pretty 'Wash Me' bag.  We end up with a constant pile of laundry on her floor, which seems to grow.  In every direction, I might add LOL.  And would you believe it's an absolute hit!!!  I just need to put in the handle snaps and it's ready to hang - she can't get it up fast enough to enjoy piling her laundry in.  Good on ya mum!!

The front has a really good size hole for dropping that laundry into . . .

and easy access at the back rear using poppers to empty

Now onto the search for some Harry Potter and Transformers fabric for my nephew's Wash Me bags.

Till next time xox

Friday, 9 September 2011

Products & Labels

I must say I am having some serious sewing withdrawals!!!  In the past few weeks I have been dealing with eye strain.  Hence, I can't sew as the close work gives me headaches and I can't actually see what im doing properly LOL.  I have to admit that it is completely self inflicted by using my iphone and laptop and not using my reading glasses (i wish someone had of warned me of iphone addiction lol).  However, in my defense, the glasses I was last prescribed just weren't right for my eyes.  So off I trotted to the optometrist to get a test done.  Low and behold, I have strained my eyes and need to wear glasses 'all the time' . . . wish I had of known this sooner!  So now I wait . . . . wait . . . . a little more for the text to tell me my eyes are ready.  Meanwhile, I have bags half made and material every where waiting for me to get back into my work.

I would like to share with you all though, one of the bags I made not so long ago.  I love it and there will be many more coming in various styles . . . .

Are you loving it?? . . . . I would love your feedback . .

Ok . . . . moving right along.  Now what I'm super excited about are these little babies:

My new bag labels!!! Woohoo . . .have arrived. I ordered them a few weeks ago and have been waiting for them with much anticipation.  300 of them infact!

So . . . Welcome to Clare Marion - unique bag designs!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Where I'm at . . . .

So many things to do and its been busy busy in my sewing corner.  Drawing up designs, drafting out and creating with as much love as possible.  A little while ago I bought myself a sketch book and every time I have an idea out it comes and I sketch it out as best as possible . . . then comes the trying to put it together.  Hence, I still have quite a few sketches in my book! LOL I just haven't got to them yet.

I was lucky enough to be in town the other week (looking for a job I might add) and wandered into one of the fashion boutiques.  We got to chatting and I happened to mention to her that I make bags.  I was pretty excited when she said that she would love to see my work to possibly put in her store and she is interested in getting some 'handmade' bags placed in the store alongside some of the other handmade lines.  Well . . . I came home with a very large smile on my face.  I've since thrown a couple of my own tote designs together and one of my messenger bags along with another new design which needs some tweaking before it moves forward.

Aside all this creating and sewing I have been working on the creation of my new business "Clare Marion".  It is all in the early stages and I am yet to get my website up and running - when I figure out how it is done! (if you have any tips on this I'd love to hear from you)  But what is really exciting is . . . . my new bag labels are on there way.  I went through an etsy shop to have them made up and they should be shipping them out to me this week.  Super exciting and I just can't wait to start sewing them into my bags and getting them out there - I promise when I get them I will upload some piccies of them in all their glory.  My business cards have been designed and they are next on the list.

creating and drafting . . .

My two latest Totes . . . ready for market!
My messenger bag  - so cute and convenient!

So . . . this is just some of what I have been working on and much much more.  The ideas just keep flowing . . . just need more hours in the day and a bigger bank balance to shop shop shop!!

Till next time . . . take care all :)