Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Action stations

Yesterday was a busy day . . . action stations all around!!  I made great headway on this new bag and i'm so pleased with how it is coming together.  From morning to afternoon ploughing away stopping only for a quick bite to eat, so energised with passion for creating.  Know wonder I was so tired last night LOL.  And i'm already getting ideas for a new design.  

Tomorrow will be spent finishing this one off and on to making a few more of this particular design and most likely one of my other designs.

Can't wait to show you when it's finished . . . but here's a little looky.

Today however was a bit of a different sort of day.  The plan was to get my grocery shopping done, after all it's Wednesday and Wednesday is my 'do everything' day.  But it all came to a grinding halt when my little jellybean stopped!!  Now when I say jellybean, I'm referring to my little red car.  Whom has been struggling with her health for quite some time now, yet pushing herself right to her limits to get me from A to B. 

I was not long into my journey into town this morning when after a sudden chug chug smoke literally billowed out from all angles of my car and I pulled her over to the side of the road, for what was the last time I would drive here anywhere.  An hour later the tow truck arrives and we are whisked off to my mechanic who issued her a death certificate.  Her final destination . . . the scrap yard tomorrow.

one of the only photo's I can find of jellybean a couple of years ago

  I will miss you my little Jellybean . . . we have travelled far and seen many things together.

  RIP my Jellybean!

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