Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day

I must say that I enjoyed my Australia day! How was yours? In all honesty it didn't consist of a bbq, John Williamson or the beach but, I did it my way.  YES!  I spent the whole day sewing . . . yay me :)  Its been a while since i've had the opportunity spend an entire day working on and finishing a project.  But I did! and it feels fantastic.  Most of the time when I want a whole day sewing other little jobs seem to crop up and before I know it the machine hasnt seen the light of day.  So last night, I sat myself at my desk and wrote out some goals for today.  I didnt get to making some more felt flowers . . . . but I got my 'Wash Me' bag done.  Hooray!  After making one for my daughter to hang in her room, I decided to make one for myself.  It's important to spoil yourself too!!!

Isn't this fabric beautiful.  It actually makes me think of the lavander fields of France.  A place that I would just love to visit and will.  So through my love of Lavendar . . . and France, I have brought the fields to me.  I would actually like to make more of these bags, I think they are a great idea and really quite charming.  And, another good product for my store, what you think?

And in honour of Australia Day I put together a bit of a collage of 'My Australia Day' . . . 

I'd love to hear about yours x


  1. What a lovely washbag. I think these would be a great seller! :) Found you via The Organised Housewife linky!

    1. Thank you so much Rebekah! I'll be off to chose some lovely fabric soon to make some more of these. Thanks for stopping by :)