Friday, 18 February 2011

Animal Magic

Where would I be without the special man in my life cat Jasper. 

He's my yin of the yang ... the crystal that keeps me feeling balanced.  Jasper chose me when I visited an animal shelter looking for a new baby 3 years ago.  Your typical cute kitten ... a little orange and white ball of fluff that captured me as soon as I held him --- I was unable to put him down and I didn't until we reached our front door.  With blue eyes (yes blue) and a quirky tail that stood straight up (until he learnt that he could actually bend it) he soon found his favourite spot --- on my shoulder.  He looked exactly like the ginger kitten you see on the front of the cat food box!

he stole my heart .... 

To this day he continues to keep me calm in his presence ... he live's up to his name ... 'Jasper'.

My special boy!

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