Friday, 25 February 2011

Handmade Chore Charts

After weeks of disagreeing with my daughter over rules and repeating myself ... as parents often do ... I decided it was time to introduce some charts for my girl.  The idea was to put them up on the wall as a reminder for her that there are house rules, routines and chores to be done.

So this is what i've been working on for the past couple of days.  I had to think about how I was going to put this together as I didnt want to use the traditional gold stars.  We find them a little boring in this house.  So naturally I reached for my tub of fabric scraps and put some pretty tabs together that she can put on and take off herself.

this is one of the tabs.  

To make them I got myself a piece of fairly thick cardboard and something circular I could trace around to make my desired size.  I didn't want them too big, so I used the bottom of a small medicine cup.

After tracing out my circles and cutting them out, each one was then wrapped with a peice of fabric.  I placed each circular card on the fabric and cut a square shape around my circle - just so I wasn't dealing with too much material.  Once sized up, I took my glue (tiger grip) and glued each peice as I folded it in at the back.

really it's just a matter of fold and glue until all your edges are all glued in nicely.

Once thats complete I allowed them to dry over night, just to make sure it was well and truely set.

I got myself some velcro - I thought this would be the easiest for her to stick and peel.  So I cut some small pieces of the velcro that would fit nicely to the back of each circle.  I seperated the two peices (fluffy and spikey) and I glued the spikey side to the back of my circle.  And put the fluffly piece aside until I was ready to glue to the card.

this is what they are looking like at this stage ...

I also made sure I used a glue that dries clear.  And I used lots of different coloured material to make it fun for my daughter.

So that was the hardest part of the whole project ... not difficult at all really.  When I'd finished, I went onto drafting up my chore lists and wrote them up on three peices of cardboard - different colours of course.

To set up the place for each tag I simple glued the 'fluffy' piece of velcro at the end of each chore/item, etc and allowed it plenty of time to dry.

here is some with just the velcro stuck on and with some tabs pressed in place - so you can see how i've attached them.

so, you can see that i've worked my way down the items adding a tab to each.  The idea of this is for your child to put a tab on when the task is complete.

this is the other chart I was working on simultaneously.  I created a little pocket at the bottom as a storage for all the tabs.

my daughter giving it a test run ... 
And its a hit!!! ... thanks mum!

My daughter loves her new charts and couldn't wait to have a go at sticking her pretty fabric tabs on.

I hope you have enjoyed our way of spicing up and making chores fun for the kids.

See you again soon ...

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