Saturday, 4 September 2010

Lil Red Riding Hood

My my where has the time is hard to believe that we are already in August on the down slide to another Christmas.  As hard as it is to really looking forward to the festive season.  I just started crafting my xmas gifts....of course I cant say what they are but i'll be sure to post pictures of them once the gift giving is complete.

I have so many ideas rolling around in my head to pursue right now.....I need eight arms just to get started.  Its looking to be an exciting remainder of the year with possibly my own fabric creation - which i'm in the early stages of - very exciting.  New visions and designs that i'm dying to get onto paper and out of my head and an online shop i'm endeavouring to open once iv'e sewn up enough pieces and have my collection of merchandise.  So much to do!!  I must remember while i'm creating gifts for others, to throw some in for myself - as I do I will share them with you all.  More hours in the day please!

Also as a request from my daughters school....she is to attend a book fair next week dressed in a costume.  It took no time at all for her to tell me that she wanted to go as Little Red Riding Hood.  "Great" I thought......that will be a cinch....hmmmm.....not so lol.   I collected a fantastic pattern for a cape for her costume only to discover that it was best made out of felt and the fabric store didn't stock any.  So...low and behold I went for the nearest red cotton fabric I could find, only to discover that it wasn't nearly wide enough.  The felt was to be 72" wide (183cm) and my red cotton fabric was a mere 115cm wide.........hmmm whats a girl to do.  Therefore, as mother and magician, my job tomorrow is to 'make it work'!!

Stay tuned for the result......

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