Saturday, 4 September 2010

Project to Expertise

I have such a long to-do list of desired projects its a tough decision on which to start next.

So far I have on my list:

Cushions (assorted to scatter), aprons (in a variety of styles - I love the frilly french style), chair cover for my mums spinning chair (I promised so I must deliver lol), baskets (my mind is on a few designs of multiple sizes), kntting needle cases, bags (an assortment), purses, folio covers, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.  But these are just a few i've noted down.

Im hoping by working on these projects I will build my expertise in sewing and work towards a more professional finish.  I'm still relatively new to the world of sewing, however, I seem to have a natural flow with it.  In the past i've mostly worked on clothing, however, i'm now branching into home decor and accessories.  A little bit of nurture and time and I should soon be on the road to making and designing beautiful products to sell.
I must say that im really enjoying the quick projects - fast results can be so inspiring to create more and I absolutely love the feeling of finishing a project and admiring my handywork.  Its such a sense of accomplishment!
So for the ultimate question...."which do I start with?"...decisions decisions!!!

If you have any great project ideas feel free to share them and leave a comment.

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