Saturday, 4 September 2010

Weekend treat!

This quilted basket was alot of fun to  make.  I decided on a country lavender theme coupled with the texture of corduroy, giving the basket a lovely warm feel.  As my first quilted basket I was really impressed with the result.  Its such a quick and easy project, great for the beginner sewer or as a breathe of fresh air for the experienced.  My new basket has found a lovely spot on my sewing table for all sorts of goodies and where I can admire it everyday!

In the same sitting I put together this trendy Snap Wallet.  Another simple task!  You could really go wild with these little things because they are super easy.  I chose a modern fabric, yet natural with a splash of colour.  There are so many design options for this project, for example, vintage with buttons, lace or ribbons or retro with some stylish colours and textures - its only limited to your imagination!!!

Both of these items make fantastic gifts for any occasion or simply as a treat for yourself.  You can find the patterns for these projects in my 'tutorials' section.

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